From Our Residents

I saw clearly as a medical student how residents and attendings continuously put the interests of patients first and prioritized kindness, humanism, respect and professionalism in their clinical interactions. This has only grown more apparent
from my experience now as a resident, and I feel very privileged to be constantly surrounded by faculty who are accordingly true role models for physicians in training.

Anna Kress MD, PGY-2
Columbia University

My co-residents are not only exceptionally skilled and clinically adept but also
caring and compassionate individuals who will certainly move beyond this program
to do incredible things. From watching the sun rise over the Hudson on nightfloat
to post-call runs in Central Park, there’s nothing like surviving residency together
to forge life-long bonds!

Emilia Hermann MD, MPH, PGY-3
University of Pennsylvania

Our program pushes you from the beginning of intern year to take ownership
of patient care and gives you autonomy to make medical decisions, but importantly
does so in a supportive environment, with the help and support of your co-residents,
senior residents, and attendings.

Meaghan Phipps MD, PGY-3
University of Maryland

From Our Residents

Residency at Columbia has given me the opportunity to be part of a system that welcomes diversity and quickly makes you feel at home. It has certainly been a privilege to work in a setting that fosters underserved communities and mediates exposure to treat a wide array of disease in a challenging learning environment driven towards growth as well-rounded physicians while providing high quality patient care.

- Dennis De León, MD 


  University of Puerto Rico 

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