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Weekly journal club exposes residents to the seminal publications in internal medicine. Most importantly, the hospital entrusts its residents with a legendary degree of autonomy, set against a background of fellows and attending physicians, who provide support at all times. In this way,residents assume real responsibility for their patients and become comfortable making high-stakes decisions. 

Our program dedicates tremendous resources to resident education and has a truly exceptional structure: The pod system provides an unparalleled level of support that ensures a comfortable, collegial, and familiar work environment throughout the residency experience. A two-attending system exposes residents to a greater breadth and depth of knowledge and raises the level of discourse about each patient on the team. The 1:1 intern-to-resident ratio enables supervised independence and optimizes resident-to-intern teaching. On rounds, medical students present to a resident who is not familiar with the case, who, in turn, has the opportunity to provide clinical teaching to the team, and receive feedback from the two attendings on service.

From Our Residents

Residency at Columbia has given me the opportunity to be part of a system that welcomes diversity and quickly makes you feel at home. It has certainly been a privilege to work in a setting that fosters underserved communities and mediates exposure to treat a wide array of disease in a challenging learning environment driven towards growth as well-rounded physicians while providing high quality patient care.

- Dennis De León, MD 


  University of Puerto Rico 

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