Clinician Educator Activities for Residents

All physicians are teachers. We teach our patients and their families, students, and other physicians and health care providers. Our career and passion may draw us more to the bedside or to the lab, locally or globally, and we may all end up working in very different settings but we will always be teachers. Whether it is teaching how to run an experiment or a statistical test or a bedside skill, the more we can hone the art and skill of teaching, the more our learners will benefit. We have implemented a two-tier clinician educator program within the residency to facilitate and support our trainees’ development as teachers.

Augmented Clinical Teaching (ACT)


The goal of ACT is to develop the knowledge and skills for effective clinical teaching among residents in internal medicine. It supports the role of residents as teachers and gives them the tools necessary to excel as educators.  ACT includes a curriculum designed to be useful to all residents – not just those who want to pursue careers as clinician educators – superimposed on a background of rigorous clinical training.

Advanced Clinician Educator (ACE):


The goal of ACE is to train, support and mentor residents interested in pursuing careers as academic educators. Up to two residents will be selected via an application process at the end of the first post-graduate year and will participate in the ACE curriculum over the second and third years of residency training. ACE includes a longitudinal, tailored experience over the second and third years of residency, a focus on mentoring, and building an educational portfolio and tangible evidence to support ultimate success as an educator.  It is not separate from the categorical track – ACE residents have the same rotations and receive the same comprehensive clinical training.


Specific features of ACE include:

  • Assignment of a mentor to residents (in addition to their key faculty advisors) based on their areas of interest and career goals

  • Opportunities to pursue program-specific scholarly activities during elective blocks

  • Availability of travel stipends to present scholarly work at professional meetings


Questions should be directed to Dr. Subani Chandra, Associate Program Director, at

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