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For 48 hours, you are unpageable.  Intern Retreat is one of the most anticipated weekends of the year, and serves many purposes for the first-year class.


Aside from a brief vacation from busy services, this weekend is a bonding experience for the interns, and many classes come away from the trip with memories to last a lifetime.



Our annual takeover of the Manhattan Penthouse is one of the most anticipated Friday nights of the year.  Our fellows graciously cover the inpatient services to allow the entire program a night off to enjoy our company outside of rounds.  No faculty allowed.  


Dancing is mandatory (read your employment contract closely).


What does a hospital run by interns look like?  Visit Milstein and the Allen on this one Thursday night in late May to find out.


The Junior-Senior dinner cannot be put into words - which is why we use photos and videos.  All of your best and worst moments in one evening, followed by more mandatory dancing.  (If you haven't noticed, there's a theme to our extracurricular activities.)

From Our Residents

Residency at Columbia has given me the opportunity to be part of a system that welcomes diversity and quickly makes you feel at home. It has certainly been a privilege to work in a setting that fosters underserved communities and mediates exposure to treat a wide array of disease in a challenging learning environment driven towards growth as well-rounded physicians while providing high quality patient care.

- Dennis De León, MD 


  University of Puerto Rico 

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