Trainees in the Clinician-Scientist pathway complete 2-3 years of residency in anticipation of advanced clinical and research fellowship training. Residents in the Clinician-Scientist pathway may elect the "short-track" option of the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) and either initiate research or enter fellowship in their PGY-3 year; or, they may remain in the program through the PGY-3 year and initiate research or fellowship training in the PGY-4 year. Clinician-scientist residents participate in all aspects of clinical training, including rotations on the general medicine and specialty wards, in the intensive care units, and on ambulatory blocks.


Clinician-Scientist pathway residents participate in monthly Molecular Medicine Rounds, in which selected patients are presented to distinguished faculty scientists and connections between the bedside and the bench are discussed. A Clinician-Scientist Pathway Symposium held each fall highlights scientific presentations from Clinician-Scientist pathway residents, and a seminar on grantsmanship is held yearly.

For more details, please see our brochure or contact Dr. Jonathan Barasch the director of the Clinician-Scientist Pathway. Please also see current and past residents in this track and an overview of current research in the department.


Clinician-Scientist Pathway

Since opening as the country's first academic medical center in 1927, Columbia has been a leader in biomedical science research and development. Achievements include the first description of cystic fibrosis and creation of the sweat test, the development of the Apgar and Rorschach Tests, the first pediatric heart transplant, the elucidation of the mechanisms of learning and smell, the use of vasopressin for septic shock, major advances in cardiac catheterization, and much more.


The aim of the Clinician-Scientist pathway is to continue that tradition by shaping residents into the next generation of clinician-scientists as they pursue their development from students to fellows and junior faculty members. The program emphasizes rigorous clinical training to provide a solid foundation in the fundamental knowledge and skills of internal medicine, while adding a range of activities that allow for continued engagement in scientific topics and focused mentorship and career development.

From Our Residents

Residency at Columbia has given me the opportunity to be part of a system that welcomes diversity and quickly makes you feel at home. It has certainly been a privilege to work in a setting that fosters underserved communities and mediates exposure to treat a wide array of disease in a challenging learning environment driven towards growth as well-rounded physicians while providing high quality patient care.

- Dennis De León, MD 


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